• Generic USB 56K External Fax Data Modem
  • Brand New Generic Product 
  • Get any computer with a USB port the ability to connect to the internet, make and receive voice calls, and send/receive fax with this simple USB voice/fax/56K modem.
  • Conexant 93010 chipset

    The data fax modem is a very functional machine which is secure and reliable. It is the sending data fax modem that dials a phone number and then sends a white noise audio signal via the internet or telephone line to the receiving data fax modem and then waits for reception confirmation. Each of the two modems communicates to each other about their data fax types (digital or analog) and then confirms that the telephone line can make a proper transmission.

    1. Data/Fax modem with USB interface
    2. Compliant with V.90,V.92,and V.42/V.42bis/MNP5 protocols
    3. Compliant with V.17,V.29 and V.27ter Group3 fax protocols
    4. Up to 56K data download,48K data upload,and 14.4K fax communication
    5. Provide Quick Connect and Modem-on-Hold features
    6. Support Auto-Dial,Tone and pulase dialing,Auto answer,Auto retrain
    7. Support Caller ID and distinctive ring detect,Auto format/speed sensing
    8. Support Caller ID and distinctive ring detect, Auto format/speed sensing, Data/Fax/Voice call discrimination, 9. Support Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP/VISTA /WINDOWS 7
    10. High performance, and low cost
    11. Small size, for Notebook and Desk Top PC use
    12. Compatibility: AT and extended AT command set compatible.

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Generic USB 56K External Fax Data Modem

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